The New Ground Award

The New Ground Award is a new category granted by the International Communications Forum. It celebrates special achievement. Previously, this category has included special awards for outstanding contributions to broadcasting and for photojournalism as well as work in the new media field such as that by citizen journalists and bloggers. This year’s New Ground Award focused on work with visual media. The winners of the New Ground Award 2017 are as follows:


Christine Garabedian is a documentary filmmaker based in London. She is a Producer-Director with 15 years of experience working on high-end factual programmes. Garabedian has done work for the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Al-Arabiya, Al Jazeera and Oxford Film and Television.


Nomak Khoshnaw is a freelance producer at the BBC. He has worked as a journalist for Kurdistan TV and in this capacity, he was able to make numerous compelling documentaries that uncovered the plight of Yazidi and Kurdish people living under Islamic State rule.